November 8, 2018

Welcome to Real Estate Investment Finance Radio, with Lane O’Bryon

Episode 1:

In 2009 Lane was asked to become a “Coach” in the national program known as the Direct Lender Alliance. As a coach in the program, he was responsible for training and mentoring hundreds of students every week through live webinar presentations.

This experience helped lane understand the hurdles these hundreds of people were facing in the “money finding” business.

In 2015 Lane made the move to Capital Connection which has made its mission to solve the number one problem facing real estate investors and the brokers that assist them, and that is finding, vetting and connecting with the best possible sources of capital found anywhere.

The model has proven sound and Capitol Connection is growing rapidly.

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What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Your host, Lane O’Bryon, and how he got into the world of real estate finance
  • Why Lane believes in the important role of lenders in helping others improve their financial situation
  • How the financial crash of 2007 impacted Lane and how he survived and then thrived in the post-crash recession
  • How Lane became a coach and mentor for the national Direct Lender Alliance program
  • Which challenges lenders and brokers are facing in the modern day regulatory climate
  • Why Lane co-founded and became president of his business, Capital Connection, and what role his business fulfills
  • Lane’s plans for future episodes of the Real Estate Investment Finance Radio podcast

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