February 6, 2019

The Big Potential of Small Loans, with Drew Culkin

Episode 4: The Big Potential of Small Loans

Drew Culkin, is a commercial account executive with APEX, and his company specializes in loans as small as $25,000. APEX serves an underserved sector of the real estate industry, with products designed for businesses who don’t need a huge monetary infusion.

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What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Drew Culkin’s career journey leading to his current position with Apex Mortgage Corporation based in Horsham, Pennsylvania
  • Why Apex Mortgage specializes in small commercial loans from $25,000, and why their low minimum is a key to their success
  • What deals Apex Mortgage specializes in, and what areas they choose not to work in and why they avoid those markets
  • Why medical marijuana businesses are a particular challenge for lenders due to conflicting state and federal laws
  • What criteria Drew looks for in approving loans, and why it varies from industry to industry
  • How Apex Mortgage determines their maximum loan-to-value and the interest rates they offer
  • Which states Apex Mortgage declines to operate in, and what programs and options Apex Mortgage offers
  • Why Drew will advocate on behalf of borrowers and will challenge decisions by underwriting when necessary

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Additional resources:

  • Website: www.apexmtg.com
  • Website: www.thefundinglounge.com

*As with all of our episodes, terms and conditions may change over time, contact this lender for current rates and terms.